Totally Out Of Reach

MacNN: Liquidmetal inventor says Apple ‘years’ away from casings

Dr. Ataka Peker, one of the inventors of the new class of metallic alloys known commercially as Liquidmetal and the founder of the company, says he believes Apple would have to spend “three to five years”, and “$300 million to $500 million” to develop the alloys to the point where it could be used on a large scale, such as for an entire computing casing. He believes the company will continue to use Liquidmetal on a smaller scale until a “breakthrough product” comes along.

I wonder if Dr. Peker felt like Dr. Evil after he proclaimed Apple would have to spend, “Five hundred meellion dollars…..”
Apple is only sitting on over $100 billion in the bank now.
And that 3-5 year window for development? Who says they’re not already working on it?