Storytelling is Manipulation

If you can spare 5 minutes and 21 seconds of your life, go watch this quick film profile on Ken Burns.
The whole piece is quotable, but this is the key (my emphasis):

Jean-Luc Godard said, “The truth is cinema, 24 times a second.” Maybe. It’s lying 24 times a second too. All the time. All story is manipulation.

Is there acceptable manipulation? You bet.

People say, “Oh boy, I was so moved to tears in your film.” That’s a good thing? I manipulated that. That’s part of storytelling. I didn’t do disingeniunely [sic]. I did it sincerely. I am moved by that too.

That’s manipulation.

If you don’t know who Ken Burns is, first off shame on you. Second, you know already know him if you’ve ever seen the Ken Burns Effect in a movie or documentary.
I also think it could be where Seth Godin was inspired for his latest post on story.