My wife and I (and our Chihuahua and my turtle) moved to Los Angeles on 1 April and I’ve been time-shifting to accommodate east coast-based projects I’ve been working on for my company.
Working from home has many benefits but getting up between 5 AM and 6 AM can still be painful, even if all I have to do is throw on jeans and walk downstairs to my office. But I’ve noticed the more I condition myself for this new schedule, the more I like it.
How much I like my time-shifted schedule came into sharp focus yesterday when I flew out to Boston to be with my project team to prepare new designs for our client presentation today. When I’m in Los Angeles, I’m used to having my work done by around 3 PM. It’s obvious too – my email and instant message programs go silent. It’s a great feeling.
Under these ‘normal’ hours today in Boston, I still had work to finish at 6 PM last night.
I’m looking forward to going back to my ‘normal’ schedule.