a really small drinking fountain

While I’m still in my honeymoon phase with Reggie Watts, Gizmodo just posted a great piece on the gadgets he uses.
Reggie says:

I like simple, well-made, well-designed things. That’s the thing that makes me happiest. Then the thing that makes me least happy is something that is not designed well. It could be anything, like a parking garage or a really small drinking fountain, because it’s like why go through the effort and not do it right? It’s really annoying.

And this nugget stood out for me:

While Reggie is very clearly a gadget guy, his music is about the music, not the gadgets. “I’ve just always been fascinated by using technology as a tool to enhance creativity,” he says, “Not to replace it, but to enhance it.” You can hear it when he plays. The musical worlds he creates aren’t about how fast he can push a toggle or twist a dial; if it doesn’t serve to make it better, more beautiful, funnier, or more powerful, he doesn’t use it. He keeps his music as tight as he keeps his kit.

Sounds like Reggie believes computers are like a bicycle for our minds.