A conversation I was envisioning at Microsoft:
Bill: “Guysguysguys! I have an idea. You know how Apple is having all this success with their iPad?”
Bob: “Yeah?”
Bill: “Well. I was thinking. The iPad is great and all, but it’s missing something.”
Bob: “Missing something?
Bill: “Yeah, I mean the multitouch display is great and super responsive and all, but like, what if I want another way to type up a message? Or enter text into search box?”
Bob: “Ok…?”
Bill: “Well, that’s when it hit me, what the tablet needs is a keyboard. I real, physical keyboard. No one has ever done that before. We’d be the first!”
Bob: “A screen attached to a physical keyboard. Wow! How the hell did you come up with that?!”
Bill: “I don’t know dude, it just popped in there. You like it? You think it’s a good idea?
Bob: “Do I like it? Bill, you’re a genius. let’s go tell Ballmer, he’ll friggin’ love it! Apple’s going to be dead in the water!”