More trouble than it’s worth

J. Eddie Smith on creativity:

So you think everyone wants to be more creative? I don’t.

I don’t think it’s creativity most people seek. No, people want to be more like post-creative people. People are nothing if not jealous of the success of others, especially over here in the arbitrarily westernmost side of the planet.

Creatives just have this highly coveted form of social capital. Creative success echoes envy in six words: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

So spot on.
Another thing people who think they want to be creative fail to understand is the extremes involved in getting paid to be creative. What I mean by this is, as someone who gets paid to be creative (as an interface/web/app designer), it’s awesome when I create something I’m happy with. And the client likes. And they praise me for. And I get paid well for doing.
The problem is, sometimes the great ideas and great designs don’t always come out on command. Sometimes the designs I create suck. And the client hates. So I go back and I iterate. And iterate. And iterate. If you had good creative training, you understand this and accept it, but it’s still hard work.