A Curse

I could quote Michael Lopp’s whole post, go and read the whole thing at his site:

If your goal is this solo win, if you have achieved everything that you want to achieve with this hit, here’s to you – the first round is on me. If you goal is growth, if you want to turn this win into more success, taking the time to catch your breath is the wrong strategy. Like, really wrong.

Your success is a battle plan for your competition. Your success is a public acknowledgement of a strategy that works, and while I appreciate that you and your team are tired, I’m going to be a buzz kill. Your success is your worst enemy. Your success, while hard earned, is a curse.

Reminds me of how some people say, “Man, if I accomplished [fill in accomplishment], I’d retire and relax.” What people who say that don’t understand is many (most?) of the successful people in the world continue to work long after they’ve ‘made it’. Larry Ellison, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson – all these cats could have retired years ago and ‘coasted’, but the kind of mind that builds an empire doesn’t understand the word ‘coast’.