I have 5 invitation codes for Dreamhost, the hosting service I’ve been using for 10 years (has it really been 10 years?):
Just go to this page and plug in one of the codes above and you’ll get $15 off a 1-year signup or $100 off a 2-year signup. If the code doesn’t work, it means someone used it already.
Not only is Dreamhost reliable, but they’re great for both geeks and non-geeks. If you want direct access to MySQL databases and cron jobs and ssh and all that crazy shit, you got. If you want easy, 1-click installs of WordPress blogs, well, you got that too.
While their hosting is solid their great customer service seals the deal for me. ‘Really Helpful Geeks’ is how I would describe them. Like the people at Apple’s Genius Bar, but without the chip on their shoulders.
Bonus tip: I register my domains at Dreamhost too. They’re cheaper than other companies and don’t trick you into services you don’t need, like Register.com does. Oh, and they don’t charge you extra to keep your name and address info private.