Facebook on iOS

So one of the many things announced in Apple’s WWDC Keynote was the system-level integration of Facebook with iOS and OS X.
This is interesting because there have been rumors for a while now of Facebook working on their own phone.
If it’s true they’re building a phone, then they don’t want to make their (future) competitor stronger by allowing them to bake in system-level support to their platform. On the flipside, if they don’t allow access, then they risk marginalizing their platform, making it less relevant.
I also like John Gruber’s view that the Facebook integration was a nice “fuck you” to Google:

Starting with the opening gag with Siri doing stand-up comedy and continuing through to Apple’s new maps and Siri’s new features, there was an unmistakeable “Fuck you, Google” undertone to the whole keynote. Apple is forcing Google out of iOS. Even the Facebook integration feels like a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” alliance.

I’m with Om Malik though, I don’t trust Facebook with my info:

I just don’t want Facebook constantly tracking me and I don’t want any information leaking especially on my iPhone. Perturbed, I tried to get more details on the integration from Apple. Here is what I understand about how it works – when using the system-level single sign-on, when you want to share something via Facebook, the system logs you into Facebook, shares whatever you want to share — a link, a video, a photo or whatever — and then logs you out.

While I do use Facebook, I’m not one of these sad people who can’t live without it. When I upgrade to iOS 6 I won’t be using the single sign-on. Hell, I don’t even have the app on my iPhone.