Limited and Cramped

Michael Mace gives the good, the bad and the ugly on Windows 8 Preview in a very short 8,300+ word review.
Here’s one of many insightful conclusions Mace comes to:

Because of its problems, Windows 8 isn’t fun to use, at least for me. Whatever sense of joy I get from the cool new graphics is outweighed by a feeling that my productivity is being reduced. Think of the best new app or website you’ve ever discovered; the feeling you got the first time you understood the power of Twitter or you created a presentation and it came out looking great. That feeling of empowerment and excitement is critical to getting people started with a new technology. But Windows 8 makes makes me feel limited and cramped. It isn’t a launch pad, it’s a cage.

If Windows 8 is a problem for me, what’s it going to do to a typical Windows user who just wants to get work done and doesn’t have time to learn something new? And what sort of support burden is it going to put on the IT managers of the world?

It’s going to be very interesting to see how Windows 8 does when it hits virtual shelves.