Put Em Away

Phil Mickelson is getting tired of cellphones at tournaments:

Golfer Phil Mickelson withdrew from The Memorial Tournament this weekend, and apparently cell phones -or people snapping pictures with them — were to blame. An ESPN article on Mickelson’s withdrawal notes that the pro golfer withdrew from the tournament citing “mental fatigue.” However his mental fatigue may have been cell phone induced.

Good for him. I’m getting pretty sick of the omnipresence of cellphones too. Actually, it’s not the omnipresence, it’s the lack of etiquette and manners.
But I love the irony of the story (my emphasis):

According to four people with direct knowledge, Mickelson sent a text message to PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem from the sixth fairway at Muirfield Village suggesting that a lack of policing fans with cellphones was getting out of hand….

Phil, I’m trying to be on your side on this one, but you’re making it hard.