New MacBook Pros Wreak Havoc on Internet Tubes

The people blogging over at the Wall Street Journal appear to be eating retard sandwiches, like Clint Boulton:

But it may also wreak havoc on CIOs’ networks and connectivity budgets — better quality displays require more network bandwidth, which allows users to increase data consumption. Consider that experts told CIO Journal earlier this year that the new iPad, which includes a Retina display of 2048-by-1536 resolution with 3.1 million pixels, would slow enterprise networks to a crawl and increase data costs from carriers. Now imagine how a Macbook with 5.1 million pixels — two million more than the new iPad — will increase data traffic in office networks.

This statement is up there with the shit former Senator Ted Stevens said about the Internet being a series of tubes, although not as entertaining.
I take that back. Mr. Boulton is more dumber.
via The Loop