Ian King over at Bloomberg is reporting HTC is being shut out of Windows 8:

Microsoft locked out HTC from the development of products using the newest version of its operating system on concern that HTC doesn’t sell enough devices or have ample experience making tablets, said the people, who asked not to be named because negotiations between HTC and other companies are private.

See, this is why the forecasting done by analysts is so fucking pointless. Like the shit from IDC saying Windows Phone will surpass iPhone’s marketshare by 2016.
The tech world is so volatile, huge changes can and do happen overnight. This is a digital world people. One second Apple is using Google Maps, the next, boom, they’re (probably going to be) using their own (I’m not saying the development is instant, just the decision and execution).
If you work closely with or in technology, never get comfortable.
Stay on your toes. Stay vigilant.