Fine. Windows 8 is Fully-Baked.

At Ars Technica, Peter Bright has a review of Windows 8, and it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows:

Using the desktop with fingers is horrible in Windows 7, and it remains horrible in Windows 8. It will probably stay horrible until the end of time. It’s not a surprise to anyone that this is the case, and it’s precisely why we have the Metro interface and why Microsoft has stopped trying to get tablet users to use mouse-oriented interfaces. This isn’t just an issue with “legacy applications” or anything like that, either; even brand new interfaces, such as Explorer’s ribbon, do not work well with touch.

I take back my statement that the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 are half-baked.
Microsoft’s vision for the future of computing is fully-baked, they just don’t know how to cook.
If you’re asking yourself why, go read the scathing article in this month’s Vanity Fair – Microsoft’s Lost Decade. When you see how they run things at that company, all this disfunction makes perfect sense.