Your New TV Ruins Movies

Great advice from Stu Maschwitz (via Matt Mullenweg):

TVs are designed to do one thing above all: sell. To do so, they must fight for attention on brightly-lit showroom floors. Manufacturers accomplish this in much the same way that transvestite hookers in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district do–by showing you everything they’ve got, turned up to eleven. You want brightness? We’ll scald your retinas. You want sharpness? We’ll draw a black outline around everything for you. Like bright colors? We’ll find them even in Casablanca. Oh, and since you associate “yellowing” with age and decay, we’ll also make the image as blue as a retiree’s bouffant on Miami beach.

Yes, yes, LCD displays have come a long way from the early days in comparison to plasma displays, but a lot of what Mr. Maschwitz says validates a lot of what I’ve already known about television optimization. And he is a filmmaker, so I’m going go ahead and take his advice and make the necessary adjustments on my LG television. Something tells me he might know a bit more about this shit than me. Just a hunch.