Sync Your Wife’s iPhone. Now.

Do me a favor. Make sure your wife’s (of girlfriend’s) iPhone has been synced and has an iCloud account associated with it. Right now. Do it.
I’m not saying this to sound like Don Draper. I’m saying this because most of women I know don’t sync their iPhones. Like my friend Frank, who texted me frantically this weekend because his baby daughter drooled all over his wife’s iPhone and then she plugged it in to charge it and it got ‘fried’.
Now the photos of their daughter’s first 6 months of life are gone.
Apple’s Genius Bar people said the only option they had left was to use a third party data recovery company to get their data back. Oh, and it would probably run them over $1,000 (*I told Frank to drop the iPhone into a container of dry rice. This helps suck out all the moisture from electronic devices and sometimes can save them from water (or drool) damage. It’s no guarantee but it’s worth trying.).
Some people are wary of iCloud. They’re wary of trusting all their data ‘in the cloud’. Frank’s wishing he had it right now.
Update: While you’re at it, you should also remind those non-techie friends of yours in finance to back up their iPhones too. And your Uncle Bob too.