Sorry, but I love the fact that Clayton Christensen, the guy who introduced us to “disruptive innovation” and “asymmetrical competition” (Yes, he was Horace Dediu’s Jedi master and where Horace got the name for his website, Asymco) was dead wrong about Apple’s iPhone:

So music on the mobile phone is going to disrupt the iPod? But Apple’s just about to launch the iPhone. The iPhone is a sustaining technology relative to Nokia. In other words, Apple is leaping ahead on the sustaining curve [by building a better phone]. But the prediction of the theory would be that Apple won’t succeed with the iPhone. They’ve launched an innovation that the existing players in the industry are heavily motivated to beat: It’s not [truly] disruptive. History speaks pretty loudly on that, that the probability of success is going to be limited.

Just goes to show you even smart people get shit wrong.
Let me take a little sip of this schädenfreude. Mmmmmm.
via DF