Creative Calories

It’s easy to eat stuff. Pizza. Coffee with cream and sugar. Donuts. Beer. Cocktails. Those insanely awesome opera slices I used to get at Balthazar on Spring Street in SoHo (while you’re in the area, go over a few blocks to CeciCela for one of their ham and cheese croissants).
What’s hard is burning off all that food to get fit. It takes more than a few hours in the gym. It takes consistent effort over a extended period of time.
Artistic creation is the same.
It’s easy for me to consume online media. To read my Twitter feed, and my RSS feed and the links people send me over IM and the backlog of longreads I have in my Instapaper account.
What’s hard is creating my own content. It can be hard writing posts for this site. It’s also hard coming up with new t-shirt and poster designs for Stay Vigilant. Creating new blog posts and designs takes consistent effort over an extended period of time.
I need to eat less and create more.