Some Links | 8.20

Busy Monday, just links:
Despite the sorry state of the (print) magazine industry, Dan Frommer thinks its a great time for magazines.
Jason Fried has a piece in the NYTimes Opinions section and over at his company blog he connects the dots on how it happened.
Speaking of print, Graphic-ExchanGE always features some gourmet shit. Why do they insist on not deep-linking to their posts? All I have are their RSS pages. I love you, GE, but I hate you too.
Evan Williams (co-founder of Blogger, Twitter) is up to something new.
The Great Discontent has a profile up of Seth Godin. I’m loving their responsive layout too.
Social Print Studio has a great site and some great projects.
The history of revolutionary interfaces. (via The Loop)
This seems to be the year of video game-related Kickstarter projects. Panetary Annihilation looks incredible.
Steven Heller has what looks to be an awesome new book out on Comics Sketchbooks.