Over at Ars Technica, Peter Bright goes hands-on with WIndows 8 RTM (RTM? WTF?):

Because without those apps, the Windows 8 experience is incomplete. The design decisions Microsoft made have no rationale. We need an app ecosystem to give them context; to see whether Microsoft’s vision really plays out when used day-in, day-out, and whether Metro is a productive, fluent environment.

There’s also a question of hardware. Many OEMs are preparing to release a range of new machines with better, gesture-supporting trackpads, 10-point multitouch screens, lightweight tablets, and all manner of hybrids, but this “Designed for Windows 8” hardware isn’t out yet. Good trackpads with gesture support make a world of difference to the Windows 8 experience, but at the moment, driver and hardware availability is too limited.

What’s that Alan Kay? No, no. They haven’t gotten your memo from 1982 yet.

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