I was browsing through some old posts, and I found one that’s worth reposting. It’s in regard to the infamous Apple ‘Fanboy’ (aka fanboi)—the term non-Apple-using guys call someone who use Apple products and, dare I say, enjoys using them.
This was me in January 2010:

The thought is, the sales of the iPhones far outnumber how many supposed fanboys there are. Mac owners have always been a minority in the world of personal computers, but Apple ceased to be just a computer maker a decade ago. The iPod is best selling MP3 player in history. While the iPhone doesn’t have those bragging rights, as of Q4 2009 it sold over 33 million units.

People besides Apple fanboys are buying iPhones.

We’re now in 2012 and Apple has sold over 400 million iOS devices (this means iPhones, iPads and iPods). Four hundred million.
Let me repeat myself.
People besides Apple fanboys are buying iPhones (and iPads and iPods).