There’s 8 days to go on this Kickstarter:

SunVolt is a portable charging platform which will efficiently convert the sun’s rays into powerful charging current for your mobile electronic devices. On a clear day, a SunVolt Solar Power Station can charge multiple devices with the same speed as if they were plugged in and charged from the wall. A custom designed carrying case which is light, stylish, and functional, enables the system to be highly portable. In mere seconds, users can easily set up the panel, plug in their devices, and start the charging process. When charging is complete, the panel quickly and safely stores for future use.

I’m really into solar power—what I’m hesitant about is having my gadgets out in the sun with this charger. Even if I could place them in the shade, I live in the San Fernando Valley were it’s currently getting up to 105 degrees by noon.
If I were to use this at home, I’d need a long enough cable so I could keep my iPad and iPhone on the kitchen counter.
First world problems.