iOS 6 – Scrubbers & Sliders

It’s been a few weeks since I upgraded my iPhone 4 from iOS 5 to iOS 6.

Overall, things are good. There’s been some welcome improvements, some steps backward and little nitpicks here and there. I’ll start with one of the nitpicks.

In the music application, Apple has updated the styling on the track duration scrubber and the volume slider. Both elements share the same visual style, as they did in iOS 5, but for some reason it bothers me this time around. Now, the both read as differently scaled volume sliders to my eyes.

Perhaps this is because both of them are larger and have a more pronounced, brushed-aluminum style (I really hope Apple eases off the skeuomorphs in future OS versions).


I wonder if something like this doesn’t make more sense:


While both controls slide, they perform different functions and thus should have different visual stylings.