The Grip Is Being Loosened

I’ve fallen behind on some links. This one is from last month, from Electronista:

Time Warner Cable is “hard at work at a cloud-based [TV] guide experience,’ but willing to allow third parties to create interfaces for it, says president and COO Rob Marcus. The executive revealed the information at an investor conference in New York earlier today. The catch, Marcus elaborates, is that Time Warner isn’t willing to forsake the “customer relationship,” meaning that it wants people to know TV is being delivered through TWC instead of a device maker or any other company.

The television door is getting pried open. It’s only a matter of time. Comcast? Time Warner? You’re interfaces suck really, really bad. I don’t think Apple should be the only one allowed to try and fix things. I’d love to see multiple solutions.

Because it’s clear fixing the Human Experience of cable television is not a high priority to cable television companies.