Airbeds & Castles

Over at GigaOm, Eliza Kern on the roots and rise of Airbnb:

First the roots:

“Airbnb was born out of necessarity. Our rent went up. It was born out of a problem,” said Joe Gebbia, the company’s co-founder and chief product officer at GigaOM’s RoadMap conference in San Francisco Monday. “By inflating the air bed, it began that design process.”

Then the rise:

“We started with airbeds,” he said. “And people have listed private rooms, and then… boats and treehouses and castles and villas.”

When someone listed their island in Fiji on the site for relatively decent prices, that’s when Gebbia realized Airbnb had reached a new level of business.

Yeah, I’d say the island-in-Figi-listing is a good indicator of hitting the next level.