Creating For Me

When I launched The Combustion Chamber in the beginning of 2001, it was a portfolio site for my design work from college as well as some animation experiments I began in Flash. Yes, back in 2001 ‘Flash’ wasn’t a dirty word. It was a way for creative people—designers, digital artists, developers—to express themselves with sound and motion. To this day, HTML can’t match it’s easy of use and flexibility for non-technical people. No, I don’t think Flash has a place in today’s mobile world, but it’s important to give Flash it’s due and proper.

Over the last 11 years, TCC natural evolved into a showcase for my ‘professional’ work. Client work I did at the various studios I’ve worked at.

This week I’ve relaunched TCC with all new work. I’ve opted to not include client work. I’ve put all my client work on Behance.

The projects I’ve posted this time around scratch creative itches my agency work hasn’t been able to scratch. These new projects get me excited and they represent a return to making things with my hands again. Specifically, silk screening.

As much as I love my work as a web designer, I’m also tired of my job getting the best of me. Getting all my creativity. Sometimes I feel like the podlings getting drained of their essence in The Dark Crystal.

It’s time to start making things for myself again.