All of Shawn Blanc’s internet nerd friends are loving the new iPad Mini. The fact that it’s lighter, smaller and still uses all of the apps and games from their larger iPads seems to be making up for the lack of a Retina screen.

John Gruber points out even Paul “Windows Supersite” Thurrott’s initial reactions to the original iPad in 2010 are coming true.

…and Instapaper’s Marco Arment thinks the iPad Mini will be the best-selling iPad from now on.

This is making me think Microsoft is not only getting to the tablet party late with their Surface, but they’re not even wearing the right attire. Everyone is changing into smaller, thinner and lighter iPad Minis and Microsoft is ringing the doorbell with a heavy, 3-piece suit, suitcase and let’s not forget, a keyboard!

[cue the obligatory 1980’s record-scratch, while everyone at the house party goes silent and turns to look at Microsoft standing awkwardly at the door, nervously *clicking* their Touch Cover]

Once again, Google is proving itself to be much more of the ‘Microsoft of the 2000s’ than Microsoft is. When the iPad came out, instead of racing to come out with their own 9/10-inch tablet, they saw where the puck was going, and that was to the 7-inch form factor. They debuted the Nexus 7 in 2011. They waited until November of 2012 to release a 10-inch tablet.

People are continuing to move even farther away from “tradition” PC experiences and it might be too late for Microsoft.

The mindshift is underway.