From Kevin C. Tofel over at GigaOm: Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro: $899 in January

Now that Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT has launched, the company is sharing details about the more powerful tablet known as Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro. The device, available in January 2013, will cost $899 for a 64 GB model while doubling the internal storage adds another $100. Optional keyboard covers will also be available while the tablet does come with a digital Surface pen and Palm Block technology.

Microsoft has to get over their obsession with having “Pro” versions of their products.

It’s not new. They’ve had “Home” and “Professional” versions of Windows for a long time (at least since XP).

The thing is, people don’t care about “professional” versions, nor can they tell the difference between pro and regular versions. Mac users seem to have been ok with just one version of OS X since it came out in 2001.

I’ve worked with and visited the offices of Fortune 500 companies and I’ve witnessed, on a regular basis, CEOs, EVPs and Senior Directors using iPads during meetings. They don’t need “pro” versions of the iPad. Any “professional” qualities the iPad might have are implicit.

The only people who care about the “Pro” qualifier on Microsoft products are people who work at Microsoft.