The Switch

See, this is what happens. I moved out of NYC in April all this bad stuff happens. First it’s Hurricane Sandy and now my friend Victor switches from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note:

The good news is he hasn’t totally lost his mind, as he’s ready to “hit the EJECT button” if things don’t go well:

So I’ll make the switch but with two huge EJECT buttons: 1) If I find i’m not using the stylus enough (maybe it’s like the Pepsi Challenge in that it seems better at first, but you have to live with it for a while to truly judge), if adopting a new music ecosystem is too cumbersome. As I write this I’m reminded of the brilliant Samsung commercials with the hipsters in line for the new Apple product release bemoaning the feature gap… If the iPhone 6 comes out and closes the gap, there’s still one thing that Apple has that no one else does… the “Apple Experience” – and that’s a competitive differentiator.

*Regarding his observation of his Samsung not being as ‘smooth’ as his iPhone. I think this has less to do with the screen type and more with the fact that Android wasn’t designed for animation. With iOS, everything you see on the screen is built on top of Core Animation. This is why animations are smooth even on first generation iPhones.