I’m building for myself on spec. It’s this out-of-control hobby vibe of just enjoying the process all the way through.

—Magnus Walker

Urban Outlaw (via So It’s Come To This) feels like a documentary specifically made for me. It’s about Magnus Walker—a Porsche enthusiast who owns and has restored every 911 between 1964 and 1972 (approx. 32 minutes):

This film resonates to me on a few important levels:

—Magnus is an autodidactic engineer like my father. He has little formal education. What he didn’t know he figured out. And he didn’t care what the “rules” were.

—He loves cars Porsches, and restores them himself. He designs his restorations based on his taste, not what other prospective clients might want.

—The film uses a great track from one of my favorite bands, The Kills.

—He designs and sells his own clothes. Again, like the cars, clothes he would like to wear. I’ve long been obsessed with graphic tees and have started making my own (see the sidebar of this site).

—He has a great wife. Examples of great marriages are between people who share the same values. After seeing what his wife was able to do with their dilapidated industrial property in the Arts District of Los Angeles, and they you look at what he’s able to do with old Porsches, it all makes sense. I feel the same way about my wife. She’s fanatical about fashion the way I’m fanatical about design and technology and cars.