Creator Tip: Repeat Yourself

If you create anything—music, art, design, film, writing—don’t be afraid to repeat yourself throughout your career.

I used to be afraid of reposting content and reiterating ideas on this site for fear of being, well, repetitious. People have already seen this, I’m not going to post it again. Sure, some people will recognize images, videos and ideas I’ve posted before, but guess what? There’s a good chance some, if not more people haven’t seen what I’m reposting. To quote Merlin Mann, Every day someone is born who’s never seen the Flintstones. This is true.

I’m not suggesting becoming a broken record and not trying new things, but if something resonates with you, if you’re obsessed with a certain topic, don’t be afraid to go balls out on it and attack it with all your energy. For me, creating repeated posts on a topic, like ‘innovation’, is my way of chewing on it and truly understanding it beyond a surface, scanning-the-Wikipedia-page level.

Think about the original iMac G3 from 1998. It was a breakthrough computer unlike any other on the market. Except maybe the original Macintosh 128K from 1984. The iMac was an all-in-one computer, like the original Macintosh and even had a handle on the top, like the original Macintosh. Steve Jobs wasn’t afraid of repeating himself with ideas he knew worked.

The longer I keep this site running (six years and counting) the less I give a shit about repeating myself. It drives me a little bit crazy when I see a post on a prominent blog featuring some piece of content I posted months or even a year ago.

When I have an idea for a post, and it feels solid and relevant to me, I publish it.