I want to give a shout out to Squarespace, the new hosting provider for my portfolio, The Combustion Chamber.

I launched The Combustion Chamber in 2001. Over the last 11+ years I’ve always done my own updates and redesigns to the site. I’ve written my own Actionscript in Flash and my own HTML & CSS.

This current iteration is the first time I’ve used third-party tools to create and administer my portfolio. I’ve been tinkering with with Squarespace since I signed up a few months ago and I’ve found it to be great for both geeks and non-geeks alike. It’s intuitive but lets you get into the code if you want to.

If you want to support this site and are interesting in Squarespace, click on the link below. Try it out for 14 days, no credit card is required.

Squarespace 6

Note to Geeks: Squarespace, as it stands now, is intended for managing one domain (or multiple domains resolving to one). I would love if they provided the ability to administer multiple domains from their awesome configuration area. This doesn’t seem to be part of their business model nor something they’re interested in. I still love the service, but my use of it as a web designer and part-time developer will be limited to just one domain (for now). Also check out their Developers Area.