An “Objective” Review

The Verge does a lot of great things. Their site design is awesome (done by Code and Theory), they have some great reporting and tech scoops, but man, their product reviews can be real shit.

Take their latest review for the new Surface Pro by Microsoft. midway through:

It’s a great notebook computer that beats out the competition in a number of ways, but it’s also still all about compromise.

And then the very next sentence, at the beginning of the next paragraph:

Like the Surface RT before it, the Surface Pro isn’t the perfect notebook or the perfect tablet. It’s still difficult to use this device on your lap and the screen angle isn’t adjustable. It’s also a 16:9 tablet so using this device in portrait is comical. You could say these are obvious flaws in the product, but if you’re willing to forgive both of them for a portable power house with beautifully engineered hardware then the Surface Pro isn’t going to disappoint.

[Or said in another context: If you’re willing to forgive this car for its horrible proportions, awkward steering and bad weight balance for a beautiful paint job and solid chassis, then this hot rod won’t disappoint.]

Man up and take a stand on the gadgets you review.

Otherwise, you’re wasting everyone’s time.