No More Harmony

Logitech to sell Harmony remote division after ‘unacceptable’ Q3 results
This is unfortunate.
I’ve been meaning to write a review of the Harmony One remote. It’s the best universal remote I’ve ever owned (going on 2 years now).
The web application interface is not the greatest, but the macros you can program with it are awesome (turn on TV, select HDMI 1, turn on cable box, set channel to 400). It’s particularly helpful when guests are over. There’s no figuring out 10 remotes, there’s 3 macros I’ve programmed on the remote: Watch Cable, Watch Apple TV, Play Video Games. Tap one of those 3 on-screen options and the remote does the rest. Done.
The other, more subtle quality I love about the Harmony One is that despite being a universal remote with dozens of buttons on it, the remote is molded in such a way that without looking at it, you know exactly what button your finger is on.
This sounds silly, but it’s something you can only appreciate when it’s in your hand. You’d be surprised how many remotes fail to physically differentiate buttons.
All this being said, Logitech does charge a premium for these remotes, so I can understand the poor Q3 results.