“Creative Director”

The Verge: BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys tweets from iPhone, pins blame on hackers
Haha. What bullshit.
I wonder how much money is really enough for celebrities like Keys. It’s not enough to be a multi-millionaire-dollar-making musician. You have to get more money being a puppet “creative director” for a mobile phone company that’s circling the drain.
While on this topic, Justin Timberlake was just named creative director of Bud Light Platinum. Really? Bud Light? You’re seriously proud of being creative director of Bud-friggin-Light? If you’re not going for a delicious microbrew, at least go for Samuel Adams or something European like Stella Artois or Heineken.
And isn’t “Bud Light Platnium” an oxymoron?
It’s like saying “Premium Cow Manure”.
Update: In related news, Bryan just informed me Beyonce was just named Head Receptionist at Pepsico, and I got an anonymous tip Cheech Marin was named Head of Quality Assurance for Marijuana at Corona.