Not On My Face

Google has a new website for Glass, their heads-up display computer glasses they demoed during Google I/O in 2012.
First off, I’m not wearing this shit.
This is not just because I already wear glasses and I’m particular about what I put on my face. They just look goofy. And I’m fairly certain my father, mother, sister and brother won’t be racing out to get Google Glass either. I’m also pretty sure none of my friends will be getting Google Glass.
This isn’t Google responding to the iPhone and iPad like they did with Android. Glass is is clearly something the guys at Google are excited about. And they don’t care what anyone else thinks. They really seem passionate about Glass. I can respect that.
Google Glass strikes me as a very cool toy for engineers, developers and die-hard science fiction fans. I would definitely try it out in the privacy of my own home, but hat’s where I would draw the line.