Tom Hawking at Flavorwire on the lastest in a series of NYTimes hipsters pieces:

The ongoing New York Times obsession with “hipsters” continued this week with yet another lifestyle article about Williamsburg, a place that the NYT apparently thinks is still home to the Brooklyn cool set. The piece served as more confirmation that the Times is officially the only publication that still thinks the word “hipster” actually means something and/or is a cultural phenomenon worth analyzing in 2013.
He’s absolutely right and something I’ve felt ever since I started hearing the word ‘hipster’ used in New York and San Francisco. It’s such a blanket word it means nothing anymore.
Hawking points to a great list of hipster attributes Matthew J.X. Malady compiled over at The Awl.
We’re at the point where if you see a group of 22- to 42-year olds standing on a corner waiting to be seated at a cafe, and they aren’t wearing the latest from J.Crew or The Gap, then they’re all hipsters. “Those people look slightly different and one of em is wearing dark-rimmed glasses. Hipsters!”
It’s a meaningless term.