No Watson, This Was Not Done By Accident…

Cap Watkins smartly observes iOS 7 is unpolished by design.
Matt Mullenweg’s 2010 post on this topic keeps getting better with age:

Many entrepreneurs idolize Steve Jobs. He’s such a perfectionist, they say. Nothing leaves the doors of 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino without a polish and finish that makes geeks everywhere drool. No compromise!

I like Apple for the opposite reason: they’re not afraid of getting a rudimentary 1.0 out into the world.
Most of the noise you see right now surrounding iOS 7 is in reaction to veneer, to styling, not to design. If you watch the demo videos of iOS 7 on Apple’s site, you’ll see there’s been fundamental human interface changes to the operating system beyond the Helvetica 45 light and semi-transparent panels.
I haven’t even brought up the most obvious point: Most people complaining about iOS 7 haven’t even used it yet.
Don’t knock it ’til you try it.