Grown In The Garden?

Apparently there’s a New Jersey Hall of Fame. A quick Google search reveals this doesn’t seem to be a standardized award across all 50 states.
According to the regulations, all you need to get nominated is to either have been born in New Jersey and/or lived here a minimum of five years.
Lived in Jerz at least 5 years? Pretty weak requirements.
I say this as someone who recently launched a project showcasing 54 actors, musicians and other entertainers from my home state of New Jersey. In order to make my cut, you have to have at least been raised in New Jersey to qualify. Where you spent your formative years (0-13) are what end having having a big influence on your character (combined with who raised you).
Say I’m famous and I move to Canada for 5 years. Do you think I should get a Montreal Hall of Fame award? I don’t.
Now if you weren’t born in NJ but made significant contributions to influencing public policy and helping communities, that’s a different story.
This years nominees include (I bolded the ones I think are legit Jersey candidates):
Grover Cleveland (born in Caldwell, NJ, raised in Fayetteville, New York)
Bill Parcells (born in Englewood, raised in Hasbrouck Heights)
Whitney Houston (born and raised in Newark, NJ)
Bobbi Brown (born in Chicago, raised in NYC)
Alan Alda (born and raised in NYC)
Brooke Shields (born in NYC, raised in Haworth, NJ)
As proud as I am to be from New Jersey, this “hall of fame” smells a little like bullshit to me.