None Of This Seems Good

First, Microsoft shows up a few years late to the tablet party with a half-baked product, Surface.
Then they sell about 9 Surfaces total in the year it’s been on the market.
…wait, I mixed that up, that should be $900,000,000 that Microsoft had to write off for all the unsold Surfaces.
Then they announce the Surface 2, who’s updates include a new docking station, a new kickstand and better battery. People are going to be all over that shit for sure. Are you kidding me? My parents love kickstands and docking stations. Doesn’t everybody?
Now Dell announces their own Windows 8.1 tablet priced to undercut Microsoft’s Surface 2. Yeah, that’s right. A licensed, Microsoft partner is trying to undercut Microsoft because, well, Microsoft wants to have it’s cake and eat it.
Doesn’t this whole thing seem like a bad dream?