A few weekends ago, while I was visiting my parents I decided to see what antique stores I could find near me in northwestern New Jersey.
My problem is always finding shops with printed matter. There’s fewer and fewer antique shops with good collections of books and magazines. Then I stumbled upon Get a Grip & More–a shop specializing in tools, antiques & electronics. What?! It didn’t seem likely I’d find a lot of printed matter, but the attitude this shop seemed to have wasn’t something The Combustion Chamber could pass up.
I was right that they didn’t have too much printed matter (although they did have some great old manuals for old 70’s Camaros). Regardless, I still managed to hit the jackpot with a 1911, second edition of History Made Visible: Croscup’s Synchronic Chart of United States History by George E. Croscup (you can find them on eBay too, if you’re interested).
The cover was a bit warped and stained but the inside pages–specifically the maps–were in great shape.
I mean, shit, look at these maps:
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