A Show of Hands, How Many People Back Up The Photos On Their Phone?

BGR: iCloud was Jobs’ best shot at killing Dropbox… and it missed badly
When Steve Jobs met with the DropBox founders before Apple announced iCloud, he famously told them they had a feature, not a product.”
As of today, DropBox is very much a product to me and integral to my everyday workflow both in the office and out.
I use iCloud too, but I have to say not just iCloud, but file syncing in general has a long way to go before it’s easy for non-nerds to comprehend and use. I’m surprised how many non-nerds still don’t understand the difference and relationship between their Photostream and their iCloud account.
There’s a lot of smartphone users who carry around thousands of photos with them, and usually have few to none of them backed up.
It’s a very real problem.