Less, More & Moore

John Maeda on making decisions in the post-Moore’s Law world:

But we are now starting to wake up and look at the “Or else!” list and realize it reads like a “Do I care?” list. Do I care if my iPhone has enough storage to hold every bit of data on my laptop that is already synced to the cloud? Do I care if my desktop computer is sufficiently powerful to edit a few hundred full-feature films at levels of cinematic quality? How much smoothie do I really want to ingest right now? Back in the day when we all felt like we needed more horsepower and storage to do all the wonderful things we dreamed of doing in the digitalverse, the answer was always, “Hll yeah! More please!” But now, like many other areas of our lives, the answer is, “Well … do I really need that?”
The tech press and analysts are perplexed Apple is able to sell 3-year-old iPhones. Sure the iPhone 5s is faster and has more features, but that doesn’t change the fact that the 4 still offers a great *experience
It’s similar to buying a new BMW versus one from 5 years ago. Move past the bells and whistles—what does it feel like when you’re driving it?