My friend and studiomate Rick Kitagawa is launching a 5-week course about entrepreneurship for artists this January in San Francisco. It’s called Artrepreneurship 101:

Forged from real-world experience, psychological and sociological studies and books, finance and marketing research, and the advice from people who are making a living off their art, Artrepreneurship 101 is a class designed to teach you how to deal with the emotional aspects of being a professional art hustler as well as the actual tactics and tricks I’ve used to make it as a professional artist. Artrepreneurship 101 is unique in that it goes beyond just telling you how to market and sell art – by using a combination of exercises and group work, we’ll also tackle things like self-doubt, procrastination, and other psychological barriers that impede you from getting your important work done.
Heed to lazy asses out there:
There will be hard work ahead, so if you are looking for “Quick and EZ,” then please, walk away now. I’m not going to promise you overnight success (no one is an overnight success, and if anyone promises you that, they’re lying to you), but I will promise you will leave with the tools, knowledge, and support you’ll need to kick-start a career in the arts.

If you are willing to commit to yourself, work hard (on the things you love), and really chase after your dreams, get ready, because enrolling in this course will be the first step in your new life.
If you’re reading this and you live in the Bay Area, use the code “exhaust” to get $50 off the price of the course (good until Dec. 25).
If you’re curious what the hell makes Rick Kitagawa such a smartypants, he’s a sponsored artist for KRINK, Savoir-Faire, and Crescent and he runs his own screen printing company, The Lords of Print.