Developer Ying to Designer Yang

Steffan Barry on the importance of bringing developers into the creative process early:

Developers. They’re logicians, mathematicians, forecasters and teachers all wrapped up in one kick-ass co-worker. They live, work and play on digital’s frontline, and are pivotal partners in the creative development process; partners that, if included early on, can greatly enhance your chances of creating and executing an idea that will be successful in the digital space.
If you’re a web/mobile/interactive designer and you don’t like or want to work with developers, you should find another profession. The same applies to developers.
Aside from those rare unicorns that can do everything, designers can’t do what developers do, and developers can’t do what designers do.
When we work together, it’s like Voltron forming. Amazing shit is possible.*
**I once saw a group of designers and developers form a blazing sword and slice another design agency office IN HALF. True story.*

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