Of Course They Do

BGR: Even Android users want iPads instead of Android tablets

The iPad was a top Black Friday seller, even among Android users. According to a report by InfoScout, about 40% of Black Friday iPad purchases were by Android users. These numbers are certainly good news for Apple. They suggest that Android users are not particularly loyal to their platform and are willing to try out iOS, at least on the tablet. While Amazon, Microsoft and Google tout their tablets, the iPad continues to be the most used device by a long shot, with 84.3% usage.
None of the reports about the discrepancy between Android devices sold and Android devices used surprise me based on what I see in the “real” world. Every time I travel, I always see a majority of iPads and iPhones to a minority of Android tablets and phones.
I’ll admit to seeing more Samsung Galaxy phones than I used to, but the Android tablets must be hiding, because I don’t see them.