Samsung Software Sucks

Phillip Greenspun is not a fan of Samsung’s software (via BGR):

Having switched from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Note 3, I am amazed almost every day at some of the user interface decisions made by Samsung. (Apple fans: please don’t post comments about how it wasn’t smart to switch; I needed the Note for a work project.) Today I installed an operating system upgrade and was hopeful that some of the most glaring problems had been fixed. Sadly, they hadn’t…
As BGR notes, we’re talking about Samsung. The company that put together a 132-page document to show their engineers how to copy the iPhone UI pixel-for-pixel.
On a related note, my father has a Samsung 3D Smart TV. The “Smart” denotes it can connect to Internet services like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix. I try using the on-screen menus and it’s god-awful. Transitions and animations are choppy, the visual design is cheesy—overall it’s a very bad experience (the actual picture quality of the TV is great).