Sexier ≠ Better Designed

At BGR, Zach Epstein says Android is about to get a whole lot sexier because Google acquired Bitspin:

Bitspin consists of a small team of application developers based in Zurich, Switzerland that is fresh out of college. Timely is the only Android app the group has released at this point. While Google hasn’t shared any plans for its Bitspin acquisition, it’s possible that the team will help design user interfaces and user experiences for the companies various Android apps, or even help tweak various areas of the core Android interface itself.
For the sake of all the Android users in the world, I can only hope Bitspin takes a crack at reworking the UI of Android. Sexier would be a big improvement for Android, even though ‘sexier’ does not mean ‘better designed’ (design is how it works).
I’m not holding my breath though, because it’s not like Bitspin is going to solve the fragmentation problem and fragmentation is one of the main monkey wrenches in the Android design problem.