Art + Code

From The Verge:

Your work could be at the heart of one of the largest digital art exhibitions the world has ever seen, thanks to a collaboration between London’s Barbican Centre and Google.

The exhibition is called Digital Revolution, and from July 3rd to September 14th it will explore the impact of technology on art over the past 40 years. It will feature artists, designers, musicians, architects, and developers to reveal the artistry that’s all around us, from the films that we watch to the games that we play. DevArt, its final act, will showcase three large-scale, “magical” works of art from established artists, and one that’s yet to be announced. That’s where you come in.
This show looks interesting, but to be clear, art + code is nothing new.
When I started my career as a web designer, guys like Joshua Davis, James Paterson, Robert Hodgin and Erik Natzke were creating amazing interactive art with code (and still are).
Go back farther and you’ll find all the things John Maeda was experimenting with in the 90’s.