The Exhaust Continues

I’d like the millions of self-righteous Prius owners in the Bay Area to read this article about electric cars:

There are lots of good reasons for buying an electric car, from cutting your gas bill to feeling good for helping out with smog. But climate change? Not really.

Though Priuses and Leafs are associated with greener living, it turns out they do little planetary good, according to a new study. When you quantify the economy-wide impact of electric vehicles, measured in greenhouse gas pollutants, it’s basically a wash. From a climate perspective, you might as well keep your old sedan.
Haha. I’ve know this for a while. Not because I’m especially smart—you just need to know the source of the electricity that’s charging your fucking car (oil, gas and coal, yay!). Or understand the mining required to make batteries.
The combustion chamber lives to see another day.